Our Services

3D Design Concepts, Inc.

From Concept to Creation

We offer many services to turn your idea into a superior product that you will be proud of. From concept to creation, we can help you develop your idea, design it, analyze it, create detailed part and assembly fabrication drawings, rapid prototype it and even fabricate the finished product. You tell us what you want and we will deliver.

Conceptual Design

Our first step in bringing your idea product to reality. Whether you provide us with an outline/drawing, or we map it out by listening to your thoughts and goals for the product.

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3D Scanning

We offer cutting edge 3D scanning technology to digitize parts and assemblies of all sizes with accuracy and repeatability of +/- .001″. We can reverse engineer a product for you, or can send you an STL file for you to design around.

Mechanical Design

We take pride in helping customers from concept design throughout detailed engineering, analysis, and prototyping. Our services are used throughout various industries by experienced professionals. 

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Rapid Prototyping

Using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) with other rapid prototyping techniques on large 3D printers, we bring CAD files and design dreams to life.


Our design and engineering services have been paired with top of the line manufacturing processes including CNC machining, sheet metal, welding, and other metal fabrication processes. We design and build the product, all within one facility.

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Industry-leading capabilities backed behind experienced professionals.

With over a decade of experience in various capabilities, there isn’t a requirement for a project that we can’t handle. Below you can see a list of capabilities that we can use to bring your art to part.

Our 4th axis ready CNC mill has a build envlope of 40″ x 16″ x 16″ and is ready to machine your parts.
We offer laser and water jet cutting, metal stamping and welding services.

3D print it before you machine it to verify form, fit and function first.

We use our network of suppliers who can 3D print in metal.

We use our network of suppliers who can provide you with cast urethane parts.

We use our network of suppliers who can supply you with injection molded parts.

Need a custom extrusion? We’ve got a supplier for that.

We have casting suppliers we work with to get your parts made.

We have a supplier who is affordable and reliable to stamp and form even the strangest of parts.